The scooter “Made in Europe”

NLS Explorer Scooter

Northern Light Scuba specializes in batteries and has expanded into dive lights that are widely used in technical diving and caving.

For the last 3 years, both M3S and Northern Light Scuba have traded products and when  EXPLORER was being marketed, M3S decided to distribute this new scooter in France.

NLS scooters are “Made in Europe.’’

M3S has widely used and tested EXPLORER during its dives, which allowed it to validate the technical data by the manufacturer.

Weight : 21kg

Height : 71cm 

Max speed : 90m/min

Thrust : 41kg

Autonomy : 17km ,  5 - 6h * 

Speeds : 6 vitesses sequentielles

Depht of use : 220m

Test depht : 300m

Price : 5 500€


Options :    

Ergonomic handle: 100€

Output 12V E/O : 350€                


* (cruising speed approximately 45m/min, also depends on the TRIM of the diver)