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SEACRAFT Scooters and Navigation tools

Seacraft has developped the only DPV in the world thought outside the box. Patented solutions allowed the elimination on the drive shaft and associated seals, the motor runs now entirely in the water. On top of a better effiiency, the mass is also drastically reduced to only 15.9kg for FUTURE models, and 23kg for long range GHOST. Several other features, such as built in battery indicator, post swirl stator, etc... are keys to more confort and safety of these DPVs. All of theses make it the most innovative product available on the market today.

ENC is the shortcut for Electronic Navigation Console. It is a compact navigation aid for underwater mapping and closely following navigational parameters.

M3S is using and continuously testing Seacraft DPVs and ENC during its dives, as they represent the same path to performance than the products we develop.

M3S as is reseller for Seacraft products, do not hesitate to contact us for more informations.


Specifications FUTURE (750 / 1000)

Weight :  15.9 kg

Height : 84.5 cm 

Max speed : 1.6m/s

Thrust : 340 N

Range : 11.7 km / 15.7 km

Working time optimal speed*: 260 min / 350 min

Working time max speed: 70 min / 95 min

Max Depth : 150 m

Tested depht : 220 m



Specifications GHOST (1500 / 2000)

Weight :  23 kg

Height : 80 cm 

Max speed : 1.6m/s

Thrust : 340 N

Range : 23.6 km / 31.5 km

Working time optimal speed*: 525 min / 700 min

Working time max speed: 140 min / 220 min

Max Depth : 220 m

Tested depht : 300 m



* (cruising speed approximately 45m/min, also depends on the TRIM of the diver)

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